Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thief- 泥棒

Just some more black and white portraiture work.  I random word generator gave the word "thief," so that was my theme.  I wanted to do something more creative, but I also wanted to stick with a simple portrait, so this was what happened.


Monday, January 3, 2011

African: PS Painting Study- ネグロイド: PSで描く練習

So here is a quick semi-realism painting study- or it was supposed to be a quick study anyway. I started watching TV and got all distracted. Thus, it ended up taking about 4 hours. I'm not 100% happy with it, but if I take it any further, I think I'll have worked it too much.


Christmas Cards- クリスマスカード

I made my Christmas cards this year, too!  All of them were screen printed.


Christmas Gifts- クリスマスのプレゼント

This year, I decided to make all my Christmas gifts.  I used a combination of laser cutter, type setting, woodblock print, and screen printing to make these.


First off, these notebooks.  I made these with a woodblock print.  For those unfamiliar with the process, look here.

The boxes were first created with a laser cutter, and screen printed with the design.



Next is the stamp set.  This I created by taking a linoleum woodcut material to the laser cutter and cutting the designs.  I then carved away the excess material.  This box, too, was created with the laser cutter and the design was screen printed on it.


Finally, the calendar.  This I made by laser cutting the calendar stand, and fixing two binder rings to the top.  The text was printing with moveable type.  The months were adhered to some chips, while the days of the month were splattered with paint.


The inside of the calendar stores the other month pieces.


A fellow designer and friend of mine, Kyril Negoda, took a few pictures of the moveable type process of this.

デザイナーで友達のKyril Negodaはこの活字のプロセスの写真を取りました。

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Model Session- ヌードモデル

So today in my drawing and illustration class, we had a model session.  Part of the time, the model was clothed, and the other part, she was nude.  I don't like to post nude art on the internet, so I censored parts of the images.  The first set of pen drawings were 1 minute each.  After that, they were in graphite and colored pencil, about 15 minutes each.  Sorry for the poor pictures!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Card- バスデー・カード

So I screen printed some birthday cards for my mom's birthday.  I was originally just going to make one for her, but it seemed like a waste of screen, so I ended up making 12 total.  I'll keep one in my portfolio, but the rest will be sent out for friend's birthdays.  Can you read the hidden message?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding Common Ground

So here's my next illustration project.
Topic:  An illustration for a magazine article about finding common ground with people of differing opinions.
Specifications: 9x12", limited color, unique style.

So I attempted a more organic, gesture-like style for this piece.  I hate using illustrator, but I used it nonetheless, because it's the one software that has really great line smoothing capabilities.  The way I interpreted the theme was that "finding common ground is like completely opposite people enjoying the same food." Pretty basic, but it gets the point across :)


このイラストのために、もっとオーガニックな感じしてみたかった。やっぱりアドベイラストレータで書くのが大嫌いやけど、イラストレータでめっちゃスムーズなラインが描けるね。テーマを読んで、思ったのは、「全然違う人は同じ食べ物が好き」という事。そんなに複雑じゃないけど、みんな分かるやろう :)