Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding Common Ground

So here's my next illustration project.
Topic:  An illustration for a magazine article about finding common ground with people of differing opinions.
Specifications: 9x12", limited color, unique style.

So I attempted a more organic, gesture-like style for this piece.  I hate using illustrator, but I used it nonetheless, because it's the one software that has really great line smoothing capabilities.  The way I interpreted the theme was that "finding common ground is like completely opposite people enjoying the same food." Pretty basic, but it gets the point across :)


このイラストのために、もっとオーガニックな感じしてみたかった。やっぱりアドベイラストレータで書くのが大嫌いやけど、イラストレータでめっちゃスムーズなラインが描けるね。テーマを読んで、思ったのは、「全然違う人は同じ食べ物が好き」という事。そんなに複雑じゃないけど、みんな分かるやろう :)

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