Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Model Session- ヌードモデル

So today in my drawing and illustration class, we had a model session.  Part of the time, the model was clothed, and the other part, she was nude.  I don't like to post nude art on the internet, so I censored parts of the images.  The first set of pen drawings were 1 minute each.  After that, they were in graphite and colored pencil, about 15 minutes each.  Sorry for the poor pictures!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Card- バスデー・カード

So I screen printed some birthday cards for my mom's birthday.  I was originally just going to make one for her, but it seemed like a waste of screen, so I ended up making 12 total.  I'll keep one in my portfolio, but the rest will be sent out for friend's birthdays.  Can you read the hidden message?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding Common Ground

So here's my next illustration project.
Topic:  An illustration for a magazine article about finding common ground with people of differing opinions.
Specifications: 9x12", limited color, unique style.

So I attempted a more organic, gesture-like style for this piece.  I hate using illustrator, but I used it nonetheless, because it's the one software that has really great line smoothing capabilities.  The way I interpreted the theme was that "finding common ground is like completely opposite people enjoying the same food." Pretty basic, but it gets the point across :)


このイラストのために、もっとオーガニックな感じしてみたかった。やっぱりアドベイラストレータで書くのが大嫌いやけど、イラストレータでめっちゃスムーズなラインが描けるね。テーマを読んで、思ったのは、「全然違う人は同じ食べ物が好き」という事。そんなに複雑じゃないけど、みんな分かるやろう :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Silk Screen Print- Taboo

Well, the print isn't complete yet, but here's the design for my 5 color silk-screen poster.  I'm printing 12 copies on various colors of paper, as well as one copy on a large piece of plywood.  The dimensions are roughly 9x16.

We are doing a print trade with other members of our class.  Basically, 10 of us have to create prints under the theme "Taboo," and give a print to each member of the exchange.  I did some Wikipedia research and found this interesting Taboo from the Maasai tribe in Africa.

The original sketch was drawn with pencil, and the colors were added with Photoshop.  I'm expecting a much more interesting texture once I screenprint this.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Photoshop Manipulation- Tightrope

For my computer applications class, we had to create a "believable but unreal" image in photoshop using a photo of ourselves plus stock photos.  I really should have worked on it longer, but I got lazy and figured it was good enough.  I figured that since this wasn't going to be used for a portfolio or anything, I might as well leave it where it is.

Here is my final project.  It is a combination of 10 images.  Can you see all ten (including background)?

Kind of design-ey.... Welcome to my bedroom!