Monday, November 1, 2010

Photoshop Manipulation- Tightrope

For my computer applications class, we had to create a "believable but unreal" image in photoshop using a photo of ourselves plus stock photos.  I really should have worked on it longer, but I got lazy and figured it was good enough.  I figured that since this wasn't going to be used for a portfolio or anything, I might as well leave it where it is.

Here is my final project.  It is a combination of 10 images.  Can you see all ten (including background)?


  1. you should be aware that those classmates of yours have access to your bloggggg. thats kind of pretentious and disrespectfulllll.

  2. You're right. Actually, I think mine just got done earlier than every body else's, and I saw theirs at an earlier stage. I wish I had worked mine a bit more.